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How do I hire a cleaner?

Hiring a trusted cleaner is very easy:

1. Start by entering your postcode 2. Give us a few details about your home and time you would like your employee to show up (the system shows you the real-time availability of the cleaners in your area) 3. Select a cleaner 4. Select the Super Gross Salary for your employee (This is the total amount that the cleaner will cost you per hour) 5. Complete your address online. 6. Finally, choose a plan that is right for you and securely proceed with payment.

a) Take & Leave plan at CHF 299 as a "one off" payment and no extra charges per cleanings b) Relax plan at CHF 0. Choosing this plan will give you access to Batsoft online platform to help you manage your employee relationship.

Upon your payment, the cleaner of your choice will receive your contract proposal for his/her approval. Once the contract accepted, a confirmation will be sent to you (upon acceptance and your house will be cleaned according to your needs).

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